Use the following chart to find the best fit.
HEIGHT: Measure from the bottom of the neck to the start of the hips.
CHEST: Measure from the start of one armpit to the other.
SLEEVE: Measure from start of your shoulder blade to the start of your wrist
HEM: Measure the front of your waist all the way around to the starting point.

Shoulder Length 5in 5.5 in 6 in 6.5 in 7in 7.5in
Sleeve Length 10in 10.5 in 11 in 11.5 in 12in 12.5in
Sleeve Armhole 10in 10.5 in 11 in 11.5 in 12in 12.5in
Height 23in 24in 25 in 26 in 27in 28in
Neck Width 8.5in 8.5 in 8.75in 8.75in 9in 9in
Chest 22in 23 in 24 in 25 in 26in 27in
Bottom Hem 22in 23in 24in 25in 26in 27in
Pocket Height 7in 7 in 7 in 7 in 7in 7in
Pocket Width 6in 6 in 6 in 6 in 6in 6in